How it works

miMove is made up of a mobile app and a web app

The Mobile App

This is used by young people to log their physical activity. It is easy to use and takes just a few seconds to record.

miMove avoids capturing ‘scientific’ data like steps and heart rate because we don’t think this is helpful.

Students can reflect on their activity and even upload a photo to capture the memory.

The Web App

This is where schools/other organisations log in to see what students have posted. Our dashboard is the first of its kind enabling you to see at a glance, how your students are engaging with physical activity. This data gives firm evidence of the impact of your work. If your goal is to increase levels of activity, miMove allows you to monitor that; if you are focussing on a specific cohort e.g. increasing girls participation, miMove will show that too. And, at the same time, you will be capturing the student voice. You can then share this with students, teachers, parents and governors to celebrate your achievements and allocate resources accordingly. miMove also has a built in, easy-to-use and very relevant assessment tool.

Knowledge is Power

Unprecedented data allows for
better decision making to
achieve your goals


Acknowledge and reward
students who increase and
sustain physical activity


Be better informed to review,
revise and energise your work to support all students


Motivate, encourage, organise
via our safe, one-way,
messaging function.


miMove connects people, builds
community and triggers
conversations about students'
physical activity


Monitor progress using our easy
to use and meaningful
assessment tool

Benefits and Features

Benefits for schools and teachers

Now - more than ever - it is vital that schools support young people in making physical
activity a regular part of their lives. miMove allows you to see if this is becoming a reality
rather than merely an aspiration.

miMove provides you with
powerful data to

Benefits for students

miMove (as the name suggests) is YOUR physical activity.
It is about celebrating your efforts and working with people to overcome challenges that
everyone experiences from time to time.
Young people who log their physical activity tend to increase the amount of activity they do.
This means that you will reap the multiple and varied benefits that physical activity can
bring to your life.

miMove is

You are in charge of what you do and what you log. There is no surveillance and there are no unrealistic targets. miMove must never be used to cause you harm or to shame you. You must report this if you feel this is the case. Your teachers are the only people who can see your activity data


Your questions answered

The vast majority are completely honest.

Stuart Fairclough is a world leading physical activity researcher. His work indicates that self-reported data provides robust data and is a perfectly valid way of monitoring young people’s physical activity. Read Article here

Of all the young people using miMove, very few seem to fabricate or exaggerate their activity data. If they did, we would ask, why are they motivated to be dishonest? Are there prizes on offer? Finally, if the data is being fabricated, there are probably bigger conversations about important life lessons to have around honesty and integrity.

miMove is only available via a school (or other type of organization like a sports club or a health promoter). It is not available to individuals. As such, it is ed-tech i.e. technology for educational purposes just like any other apps that are used in school. These are always paid for by the school. We do not recommend passing the costs on to parents.

miMove can be accessed on any android or IOS device (phone or tablet). It can also be accessed on most Chromebooks.

Yes, as long as they all come onboard at the same time.

miMove is built to the highest spec when it comes to data protection and security. The data is only seen by the teachers who you give access to. If you are part of a cluster, the managers of this group will only see anonymized data.

If the goal of PE and youth sport is to ensure that all young people develop an activity habit, intensity is very much of secondary importance. An overemphasis on intensity before developing a very positive relationship with activity can be very detrimental and serve to alienate many young people. Intensity is only relevant if you relate potential health benefits to physical activity.  However, these are only a possibility once the young person learns to ‘belong’ in physical activity. Those that are most comfortable working at high intensity, are probably amongst the more motivated young people and are possibly amongst the most active too. If they chose to share intensity details, they can do so via the free text part of the app.

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