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miMove is currently being used by over 130 schools across 20 countries to celebrate and support over 60,000 students' physical activity journeys

“Every school should use miMove”

Year 6 pupil at Kilburn Park Primary


Year 6 pupil at Kilburn Park Primary

“Great – love it!”

Year 8 student at Shimna Integrated School, Northern Ireland


Year 8 student at Shimna Integrated School, Northern Ireland

What is miMove?

Inactivity is a major global issue.

The universal goal of physical education, youth sport and physical activity programmes is to support young people in gaining a physical activity habit. The benefits of physical activity are multiple and extend way beyond health.

However, there’s a major piece of the jigsaw missing…or there was until now, and that piece is information. Stakeholders including teachers, parents and coaches have very little information about how active their young people are. As such, they have little or no way of knowing whether each and every child is engaging with physical activity as a normal and wonderful part of everyday life.

miMove is that piece of the jigsaw.

miMove is an app that helps us support our children in developing activity as part of their lives. Children, young people (or their parents/carers) simply record their physical activity on their device. It takes a matter of seconds. Schools, clubs and other providers are able to see this data and communicate words of encouragement and support.

With this information, schools, clubs and physical activity providers can review the effectiveness of their work and parents can get a more accurate idea of their children’s activity levels. And, what’s more, we can talk to each other about how best to support children and young people.

miMove also has a built in and unique assessment tool so children and adults can chart a young person’s progress towards developing a physical activity habit.

miMove is only available via an organisation such as a school, club or community group because that’s how we build supportive networks. The organisation purchases the app for their children and young people.

Our Pricing Structure

Number of accounts Unit price (£) Annual renewal (£)
Up to 300 accounts 3.00 1.50
301-1000 2.00 1.00
1001-3000 1.50 0.75
3001-10,000 1.00 0.50


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FAQs for parents

How will my child's data be used?

Sensitively and only in a way that supports your child. miMove will never be used to bring about any harm, including lowering of self-esteem. If you have any concerns about the way your child’s data is being used, please contact

We may allow 3rd parties to use the data. If this happens, they will not be able to identify your child. We will only permit organisations whose work supports our mission of making the world more active to use the data.

Is the data secure?

Yes. The app is GDPR and COPPA compliant. Only people on the system administrator and your child’s school can see your child’s name. Any other parties who accesses the data, such researchers, will not see your child’s name.

My child is already very active. Why should they log their activity data?

It’s not just a question of how much. What activity a young person does is also very important. For some children, there is a risk that they are too active. This risk is heightened if they are doing too much of one activity. These risks include overuse injuries. Research suggests that children and young people should take part in a range of activities.

Finally, miMove also allows users to register how they felt about each activity session. This serves as great feedback and will hopefully, ensure that your child experiences high quality activity provision.

Why should my child’s school know how active my child is?

If something is considered important, we need information to be able to see if we are making progress. Most people agree that supporting children and young people in developing an activity habit is seen as very important and carries a range of important benefits. It’s similar to reading, in that schools often ask children to complete reading logs to ensure that they are developing a reading habit.

My child does an activity that is not on the list. What should we do?

For the meantime use ‘Other’. If you Tap on Settings (the gear icon on the top right) you’ll have the option to send us feedback. Please do so and we’ll add the activity.

What happens to my child’s data when they move schools or change clubs?

If the new school or club already uses miMove, your child’s account will transfer across and it will stay open. Otherwise, it can be archived or you can chose to be an individual user in which case you will be attached to miMove’s ‘Virtual School’. All closed accounts will have their data archived.

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