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miMove is a groundbreaking platform that supports all young people to build and sustain a positive relationship with physical activity.

miMove provides organisations and schools with previously unknown, unseen and unheard data, enabling them to support and incentivise all young people to be active and stay active.

How it Works

For young people

Young people record all their physical activity online or via a mobile device

For organisations & schools

View and engage with real-time data to ensure all young people are developing a positive relationship with physical activity.

Benefits to Organisations

Powerful Data

Access to previously inaccessible, real-time data on young people’s physical activity.

Support ongoing participation

Quantitative and qualitative insight data – because retention is driven by quality.

Reduce Costs

Time-saving, efficient impact reporting.

Evidence inclusion

Access granular data, easily filtered across demographic groups to support EDI.

Highlight the impact of place

Access data showing the places where young people have the best experiences.

Be part of the solution

Go beyond mission statements to genuinely deliver on the global aim of increasing physical activity among young people.

Powerful, live, interactive data
Gain unprecedented insight into if / how / when / why every young person takes part in physical activity, in and out of school. The data can be viewed and filtered by different cohorts, gender, ethnicity, SEND etc. Inclusion is at the heart of miMove.
Easy access to young people’s voice

Capture emotional responses and reflections and find out what makes physical activity meaningful for young people.

Knowledge to support & celebrate

Support and motivate ALL young people. Celebrate their achievements using good news stories from the data and provide more targeted, evidence-based interventions.

Success redefined

Data allows for more inclusive success criteria, for example, showing a young person’s commitment to their physical activity, rather than just being a ‘high performer’.

Easy integration (for UK systems)

miMove is able to integrate with your school management system allowing for automated set up.

Evidence of impact

Schools can analyse the data and use it to inform decision making and measure impact.

Benefits to

Benefits to
Young People

Quick & easy to use (only a few clicks)
All physical activities are valued
They are given a sense of ownership.
Their efforts are validated and they feel supported
They feel a sense of belonging
Safe, social connectivity increases levels of physical activity
Gamification features support positive behaviours

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Jessica Monsurate

The number of students actively logging and talking about what they have been doing is phenomenal and you can see it’s building a positive relationship with physical activity.
Jessica Monsurate, St Thomas More School, London.

David Sia

miMove has enabled us to see the big picture – how our curriculum is impacting all students; we can even set up niche groups to look at the impact on selected students. There are a lot of systems available to teachers that claim to reduce teacher workload, but this really is the case with miMove.

David Sia, Southfields Academy, London

Ben Langford

We have a deeper understanding of our students’ activity levels in and out of school and have built a stronger rapport with our young people – the ability to track emotional responses opens up important wellbeing conversations. miMove gives us an idea of how they are feeling as well as what activity they have been doing.

Ben Langford, Crawshaw Academy, Leeds

Oliver Caja

I’m impressed with the feature that I can see and access live data that shows how physically active my students are and at the same time see the affective side of students (emotional response) whenever they do physical activity.

Oliver Caja, SPH Pluit Village, Jakarta

Jordan Manley

miMove’s whole mission is centred behind meaningfulness. Across STEAM academy what we’ve seen is a growth across confidence. miMove lets me know if I’m meeting my goals for students and if I’m creating a safe space for them.

Jordan Manley, Steam Academy, KY, USA

Headteacher, Royal Wootton Bassett Academy

The idea that students are in control of their PE lesson by recording their own favoured activity encourages their participation, gives them a target to aim for and shows them the value of all kinds of physical activity.

Headteacher, Royal Wootton Bassett Academy, Wiltshire, UK

Crispin School Academy

Described by one parent as ‘genius’, miMove has had a positive impact on a significant number of students and their families. 40% of students have said they have increased activity levels. 31% of students are now more active with their family members.

Crispin School Academy, Somerset, UK.

This is miMove


What if students are not truthful with their posts?

The vast majority are completely honest.

Stuart Fairclough is a world leading physical activity researcher. His work indicates that self-reported data provides robust data and is a perfectly valid way of monitoring young people’s physical activity.

Of all the young people using miMove, very few seem to fabricate or exaggerate their activity data. If they did, we would ask, why are they motivated to be dishonest? Are there prizes on offer? The young person has clearly not understood the purpose of miMove and so it would be worth emphasising the ‘mi’ (my) in the name. That data is theirs so they really are just lying to themself. Finally, if the data is being fabricated, there are probably bigger conversations about important life lessons to have around honesty and integrity.

Who pays for the app?

miMove is only available via a school (or other type of organisation like a sports club or a health promoter). It is not available to individuals. As such, it is ed-tech i.e. technology for educational purposes just like any other apps that are used in school. These are always paid for by the school. We do not recommend passing the costs on to parents.

How much does it cost?
Click here for prices.
Is there a discount if a group of schools purchase the app?

Yes, as long as they all come onboard at the same time.

What support is offered?

We pride ourselves on exceptional customer support. As teachers, we understand your world and the pressures you are under. To make things easier we have a comprehensive package of support. We have prepared everything you need in downloadable and editable formats e.g. letters to parents and slides for assembly etc. We also have a comprehensive manual supported by ‘how to’ videos. Furthermore, we offer induction and ongoing support at no charge as well as free consultation on any aspect of your PE programme e.g. curriculum design, assessment etc.

Who sees the data?

miMove is built to the highest spec when it comes to data protection and security. The data is only seen by the teachers who you give access to. If you are part of a cluster, the managers of this group will only see anonymized data. Full details can be found in our privacy policy and terms and conditions.

Do students need a mobile device to enter data?

No, miMove can be assessed online or via a mobile device

Why does the app not measure intensity?

If the goal of PE and youth sport is to ensure that all young people develop an activity habit, intensity is very much of secondary importance. An overemphasis on intensity before developing a very positive relationship with activity can be detrimental and serve to alienate many young people. Intensity is only relevant if you relate potential health benefits to physical activity. However, these are only a possibility once the young person learns to ‘belong’ in physical activity. Those that are most comfortable working at high intensity, are probably amongst the more motivated young people and are possibly amongst the most active too. If they chose to share intensity details, they can do so via the free text part of the app.

Why miMove and not wearable?

Research by Vicky Goodyear at the University of Birmingham suggests that wearable tech is great for your most active young people especially those who are into endurance sport or training. For everyone else, wearable can be either a nuisance or a turn off. Many young people report a sense of surveillance. We don’t feel comfortable with young people being ‘chipped’. As educators, we value the process of reflecting and reporting. miMove is built for young people and we draw upon sound educational principles rather than science, medicine or fitness.

Click here to see a summary of miMove v wearable tech.

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